Update: Mid-January, 2017

It has been a while since we did any sort of blog update for you guys, so I think it is time for that. The last one we did I believe was a week or two after we first launched the site. Here is the link to that for reference.

That means we have been blogging successfully for almost 3 complete months. As someone that is no where near the millenial skill level with computers, I would have to say I am proud of myself and our work to continue pursuing our goal. You can read our About page for that or just take a peek at any of our blog updates.

For this blog update, I wanted to just give you guys a good briefing of what has happened so far. As always, you can read our Active Roundup posts (#1 and #2 here) to catch up with our many posts published. We basically round up every post since the last roundup so that those that do not have the time can easily pick and choose which articles to read. That is the number one thing I wanted to stress in this blog update.

The second thing is just our progress that Richie and I have made since the last blog update. I mean, really, look at our progress. Just a few months ago, we were sitting at just the beginning of the website, with only maybe 3 or 4 total posts having been published. Now I am proud to say that our post count has come up to the 20 mark! That is 20 posts written and published by yours truly and my hard working partner Richie. I know it isn’t anywhere near some of these bigger blogs, but we are only two authors and we are full-time fathers. So any time that we are able to spare for this awesome website, I’d say, is a win. I will not average out the amount of visitors we get per day, but it is definitely looking up. We used to only get 2 or 3 of you every day, and those are most likely our real life friends that we have invited to check the blog. Nowadays, we can get anywhere from 10 visitors a day to 45 visitors in one day. It is remarkable what kind of progress we have made.

This post is not to brag about the website, to be clear. I just wanted to update some of you on what we have been working on and how things are going on the blog side of things. We have a lot more content in store for you guys, ready to be written and published so our loyal subscribers can consume. 20 posts is just the beginning! We will have a lot more done, as the site has turned from a project to an actual part of my life I want to continue with. Thank you everyone for your support. Stay tuned!

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