Starting a Strong Week

Recently, it has been hectic to say the least. As you may know, our blog launched earlier this week and we have been working hard on all facets of the website. I would again love to urge you to read our About page to meet us, I am Gary and my other author is Richie, and know a little about why we started this. To repeat in a brief manner, we love the outdoors. We spend countless time with each other’s families, trying out different sports and hobbies. The end goal is to continue having fun while remaining active, even as we age.

These updates, call them blog posts, are going to be just small blurts about what we have been up to. I personally have invited many of you (my friends in real life) to check out our blog and I want to thank everyone that has done so. There are not a lot of readers, but we honestly did not expect any to show up until the first or second month was over, so for that we appreciate it. Anyway, the gist of it is that we will be writing a variety of posts. Most of them will be update posts on our active lives just so we can share what we are up to and perhaps receive feedback from you guys! But other posts are advice-related regarding hobbies, how to play them, which products we do and do not recommend, etc. Just growing pains out of trying something new every once in a while!

Our next post will probably be on croquet sets, as Richie and I finally figured we should check out that sport. We are big golf lovers so croquet should come naturally. That should be published within the next couple of days. Other posts we are considering consist of things like how to score in horseshoes, how to play croquet, etc. We will see depending on how we feel.

Overall, the direction ActiveAuthorities is going is pleasantly positive. We managed to publish a variety of items this week: our first informational post regarding horseshoe sets that we mentioned above (again, a how to play horseshoes post may come up), our About page of course, and finally should you want to contact us, you may do so through the link on the sidebar. Thank you once again everyone and stay tuned for more from us.

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