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The last review we did on supplements was met with some great praise, and so we figured we should keep doing them. That’s what we’re here for anyway. I have personally taken many supplements to aid my body physically, as is usual for someone going through the aging process. I am not shy to admit it because nowadays I feel great and healthy enough to maintain an active lifestyle even in my 50s.

Glucosamine isn’t much of a controversial supplement at all. You take it if you have problems with joint mobility or it starts to hurt when you twist a certain way. For me at least, I started to consider taking it when sitting down on a bike was beginning to hurt my back and the rear part of my shoulders. I also had a little bit of stiffness in my knees as well; not so much that it hurt to actually run the bicycle, but I felt I was starting to show my age in my knee joints. That’s when I consulted my physician and he advised glucosamine as a part of my diet. This was not too long ago, as for the most part I took care of my body and maintained its activity level. Still, despite trying to be as physically active as my time would allow me, age will catch up and you will not perform as well as you wish to. That’s just the harsh reality of it all.

Now, glucosamine is supposed to support the health of all your joint tissues. That is all the tissues surrounding not only the major joint areas such as the knees, elbows, neck, and ankles, but also the very minor joints found around your phalanges (fingers), usually to help alleviate arthritis around those parts. Not only does glucosamine aid your joint tissues, but it pretty much works for every cell of connective tissue in your body. Our body is filled with connective tissue and over time, it starts to deteriorate, losing a lot of its elasticity and flexibility. That is when stiffness and pain kicks in. Taking glucosamine nourishes your connective tissue cells, and because every tissue cell is held together by this connective tissue, the benefits become more clear. You can notice better joint mobility and reduced arthritis. People also report in having healthier skin and gums. The benefits do vary from person to person but overall, glucosamine should be taken if you have problems involving your tissue cells. For this, I’d advise seeing your physician or doctor to see what he or she recommends or just self-evaluating using tools like WebMD. Very likely, though, if you struggle with moving any joints like you used to, or it hurts to move them, you will need to start taking glucosamine.

Why Schiff Glucosamine?

Now, some glucosamine brands can vary from person to person. Move Free Glucosamine, for example, hardly had any effect on treating my knee stiffness when I took it for a few weeks. I went back to my doctor and he recommend I switch brands to Schiff, which I found pretty reputable. Note that both companies are reputable, just that Move Free’s supplements did not work for me.

Schiff Glucosamine comes in 150 tablet bottles and there are varied ones you can have. This is one of the reasons I like Schiff, because they have different types of supplements in just one tablet. There is the standard bottle, but there are also the same Schiff Glucosamine supplements with added benefits, such as MSM or Vitamin D3 and Hyaluronic Acid. I have used all three and would say this to recommend which one to take.

A bottle of Schiff Glucosamine with MSMTake Schiff Glucosamine with MSM if your joints hurt you badly when you move. I used this one shortly after finishing my standard bottle, because I found that my hips hurt when rotating them. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is natural bodily sulfur that works in conjunction with glucosamine to help support your cartilage and your joints. I took two pills a day, one after breakfast and one at night. Within a few days, I felt some notable hip pain relief and continuing to take the glucosamine supplements helped with mobility in all my other joint areas. There is also the Glucosamine with Vitamin D3 and Hyaluronic Acid. Vitamin D3 helps support bone health and hyaluronic acid is a fluid that cushions your joints for you, which helps tremendously for those struggling with arthritis. This is the one I am currently on now, as I no longer have the hip pain I had before. I really only take it because the Vitamin D3 is already there, so I don’t need to take a second pill to get that nutrient. Plus, I feel the hyaluronic acid in this one helps with prevent my bones from rubbing on each other.

Of course, which one you take is going to vary depending on what your specific issues are. Ideally, you should confront a professional about it. If you are struggling with some kind of major pain when moving, I believe the glucosamine supplement with MSM is going to help you almost immediately. It activates pretty quickly and saved me from some terrible hip pain that I hear commonly happens to people my age. The glucosamine with Vitamin D3 and hyaluronic acid is a good all-in-one package that helps me get my vitamin as well as glucosamine to help loosen my stiff joints in just one capsule.

I have been on Schiff’s supplement for probably a year. I bounced around their product lines and still can recommend all of their glucosamine supplements. For around $20, my hip pain was relieved and tightness around my back and shoulders, as well as some in my knees, were basically zapped away in a matter of time. Some supplements are not able to do this for me, as their effects totally depends on your body. But Schiff’s has been working for me for a while now and it is definitely an affordable bottle.

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