3 Perks of Eating Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit are one of the strangest, if exotic, fruits out there. The nomenclature derives from Indonesia, where the fruit gained most of its popularity. It is also referred to as “pitahaya” or “pitaya”. People grow them most commonly in the subtropical areas of Asia and South America. Another fun fact: they are actually fruits grown from cacti. You can literally call it a cactus fruit and you would not be wrong.

The fruit looks amazing because of its bright color combinations. It tastes pretty darn good as well. I try to eat one after my lunches, but they do get expensive. If you have never tried one, you need to. It tastes richly sweet and the texture is quite unique. Just head to your local grocery store and buy one. Cut it up, scoop out a spoon, and see if it really is a magic fruit for your taste buds. Other ways of consumption include mixing it with other sweet fruits to make a smoothie, or biting off straight from the peel as some sort of quick snack. I just started eating it with the peel included when I found out you can eat kiwi fruits this way. It does feel strange at first, but the peel actually adds a different texture. Plus, I don’t have to have a spoon around to eat the thing.

If you have tried it, love it, and want to eat more of it, you will reap these 4 important dragon fruit benefits below.

Dragon fruit benefit #1: A healthy snack

Dragon fruit is incredibly healthy. It has less cholesterol, which means it could promote a healthier heart by lowering LDLs (low-density proteins) found in your blood stream. I am unsure of the research on raising levels of HDLs (high-density lipoproteins), the cholesterol that is actually good for you, but by lowering the bad cholesterol, you are already better off than eating something like Doritos on a hungry night.

Also, dragon fruit is filled with fiber. Fiber is essentially content in food that make you feel more full. More fiber means you are full for a longer period of time. An example of food with low contents of fiber are potato chips. Because dragon fruit has all this dietary fiber, you stay full for longer, which can help those looking to cut weight for the summer season. It’s simple: you (most likely) won’t eat more if you aren’t full, right?

Dragon fruit benefit #2: Better skin

Like some sort of magic, dragon fruit is known to clear up and smoothen out your skin. With enough consistent consumption of it, your body will start taking from the fruit’s rich antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B3 sources, and use it for healthier-looking skin.

It doubles as skin ointment as well: cut open the dragon fruit, scoop some out, and mix it with either light lemon (not too much acid, or it will hurt when applied to the face) or cucumber juice, and apply to your skin. This paste will work to gradually get rid of acne, give you glowing skin, or even soothe sunburn. Refer to the video, although rather old, below:

Dragon fruit benefit #3: Anti-inflammatory

The fruit is very popular in stopping inflamed joints. Doctors recommend consumption of dragon fruits particularly to older people like Gary and I, because we may struggle with mobility in our joints and muscles that become irritated. People with arthritis should also take note, since arthritis is a direct result of inflammatory joints.

I cannot speak directly to the results, as my diet consists of much more than just dragon fruit (like glucosamine, which also helps for joint mobility), but the people speak for themselves. Look through online forums, other blog posts mentioning dragon fruit, or even older people that you know. Over time, dragon fruit is extremely beneficial in terms of bringing overall physical well-being.

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