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If you remember in the Nature Made fish oil review I did last year, I talked about how I switched from one fish oil to the next. That fish oil was Optimum Nutrition. While I did move on from the ON fish oil, I did have several months with it, and so on this Optimum Nutrition fish oil review, I will recount my experiences with it in those months. Also please note that this review is in regards to the fish oil softgels that Optimum Nutrition packages in bottles. I am unaware of any other fish oil products that they make, but I had to note it in case they come up with a new product line in the future. Also note that I used the 200 count bottle, with each capsule being 1000mg of fish oil.


Optimum Nutrition is a brand I trust highly for a lot of my fitness nutrition needs. Their whey protein is some of the best I have ever encountered and their creatine works just as well. Prices are a little higher than average, though, and the same thing occurs for their fish oil. I find that a majority of their products are easier to consume than their competition in their respective product industries. For instance, their whey protein has some of the best flavoring ever in a protein powder, which makes it that much easier to consume on a twice-daily basis. I know of a lot of protein powders that just do not have good flavoring and it makes me want to puke. It is especially tough on you if the taste of that protein is bad, considering to get consistent results from your weightlifting, you have to down at least two cups with milk or water each day. They also have both flavored and unflavored creatine, which is actually almost tasteless unlike a lot of those creatine powders that still leave a bitter aftertaste. Again, consumability is very good with ON.

As for these fish oils, the main difference is their advertised “enteric coated” softgels. This basically means that each capsule is specially coated, so when you swallow one there won’t be a nasty taste from your mouth and/or throat afterward. Prior to taking these fish oils I was afraid I would get any aftertaste at all since seafood just reeks unless you actually want to eat it.

DHA/EPA levels

One of the things of concern to me were the DHA/EPA levels found in one capsule. I looked at the nutritional information prior to purchasing and one capsule had 1000mg of fish oil, but only 300mg of EPA and DHA, which is quite low when compared to other pills. Nature’s Own, for instance, has a triple strength fish oil pill with much more contents, and so I was concerned I wouldn’t see effects of the fish oils for a while.

In the end, it didn’t necessarily bother me as much. I hadn’t noticed any difference in my skin that friends also taking fish oil experienced until a week or so of consuming. I would say that this is definitely a weaker capsule than others, but it also provides less of an aftertaste and upset stomach, which both lead me to my next point.

Effects after consuming

The effects you get after consuming any kind of supplement is highly important. I like to research and read other people’s inputs on what they experience afterward, as usually it is a good indicator of what I may get. Since the contents of this fish oil are relatively weak, combined with the fact that they are specially coated, I found that I don’t get an upset stomach minutes or hours after consuming. I do not get any aftertaste directly after consuming the supplement, though there is a very slight fishy feeling from my mouth eventually throughout the day. I also haven’t experienced any heartburn whatsoever from taking these over several months.


I complement these with mental focus and concentration supplements, designed to enhance my focus and improve cognition as well as memory. I will be writing that post probably very soon, and will link back to it here.

These pills, over several weeks, will result in you noticing a sharper brain, being able to remember things much clearer and give you overall brain clarity by reducing the ever so common “brain fog”. It seemed that when I was taking this ON fish oil, along with the cognition pills, it seemed to enhance the effects of the latter. I felt a lot better mentally doing both. Again, I would highly recommend seeking advice from your doctor prior to taking either of them, but for me, everything seemed much clearer and it felt the fish oil capsules magnified the results of the cognitive function supplement.


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