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Taking supplements starts to become a regular thing as people age, as the risks for health issues only goes up. Fish oil is one of the most commonly taken supplements in this regard. The Omega-3s within fish oil supplements helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, keep blood cell membranes around the heart mobile, and promotes a healthier heart in general. Fish oil softgels, such as the one in this fish oil review, are easily digested and are just supplements to help your body function more efficiently, rather than pills that have dangerous side effects. Now, I am a pretty keen consumer of Nature Made products. I take their calcium supplements and also their Vitamin D3 supplements from time to time. I do some mild research before putting anything that isn’t food in my body just to play it safe, and Nature Made has a pretty darn good track record. This Nature Made fish oil review is also going to be on the one with 1200 mg per tablet. I know many companies have different level supplements because the needs of their customers may vary. I also frequently purchase the 300 capsule container, which when consuming 2 capsules per day, will last a good 5 months.

Some things to note before purchasing fish oil by Nature Made:

  • Made with natural ingredients: fish from deep oceans
  • No yeast, gluten, artificial preservatives, or artificial colors/flavors

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Reasons to take fish oil:

I had to put this bit inside this specific review because it is the first fish oil review Active Authorities has ever done. The reasons to take fish oil are going to vary. Many people take fish oil supplements to prevent many potential heart diseases, most frequently be caused by having too much fat in your blood. But there are also plenty of consumers that take the supplements because they were recommended by their doctors to do so since perhaps there were already pre-existing issues in their bodies.

  • Prevent coronary heart disease and maintain the strength of cell membranes within the blood stream
  • Steady elevated triglyceride levels (when the amount of fat found in your blood is too high)
  • Help with joint pain (consider taking supplements like Schiff Glucosamine as well)
  • Can even out cholestoral levels
  • While not specifically its intended use, fish oil has been found to give healthier skin and hair

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On to the review:

Nature Made fish oil bottle with 110 softgels

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Review of fish oil by Nature Made

Contaminant levels

One of the things I watch out for when researching supplement products and brands online is what exactly is in them and whether or not they will harm my body. I love my body and take pride in caring for it, so the last thing I want to do is put something not well-produced inside. With the many federal restrictions on medical products such as supplements, very rarely will there be supplements that harm your body more than hurt, but it is still a good idea, at least in my eyes, to watch out for potential red flags. So I went to the EDF’s official website and checked out their listing of fish oil supplements, which ranked the products based on potential contaminants found within, either from extracting oil from fish known to have contaminants or by pulling fish from unknown sources. In the rankings, Nature Made’s fish oil soft gels were listed as the best choice for consumers, with the least amount of contaminants like dioxins or mercury.

Nature Made was also nice enough to include the source of the fish that make up their ingredients: 1. Mackerel 2. Anchovies 3. Sardines

I should just point out that some other companies also do this, but many brands selling in-stores do not show the kind of fish they use, which is tough since many fish are known to have high levels of contaminants.


Ideally, there should be no taste at all after consuming fish oil. But many times, that is the case with other supplements. I will admit, at least for me, this specific fish oil leaves a bit of after-taste when I burp. It isn’t anything horrible, but it also isn’t tasteless. For first time fish oil takers, you should not by any means leave the capsules in your mouth or suck on them. They are made of fish particles, so they will taste bad. The thing with these supplements is that after consuming, there shouldn’t be any taste. But after taking two of them daily, some take up to four daily, every day for a few months, it can be very likely you will have after taste while burping.

I’ve read a few customer Nature Made fish oil reviews online and some reported not tasting any fishy burps, but my experience says otherwise. I have yet to find a supplement that doesn’t have that taste. Again, it is pretty subtle and quite easy to ignore. I must say that I am just jealous that some people can’t taste it, after having used oil supplements for around 2 years now.

Affordable fish oil that works

In the end, fish oil is fish oil. The benefits of using fish oil are many in between, and your specific needs will vary with the millions of others that take it daily. Despite the supplement benefits being virtually the same regardless of which brand you opt for, it is still wise to even mildly review the ingredients and whatnot so you get a clear idea of what you are putting in your mouth before you put it there. You won’t need a doctors prescription for fish oil, but his or her recommendation is helpful. Just ask what your needs are specifically and you should be good to go.

As for Nature Made’s supplements, I would highly recommend it. Again, I have been taking 2 capsules of fish oil every day for around 2 years. I haven’t always stuck with Nature Made, but ever since switching, I don’t feel like I have any reason to leave it. It is affordable (just one bottle will last around 5 months and costs just $20-$25 depending on where you buy it) and the brand has remained impressively transparent with its ingredients and sources of fish. I would say if you are new to taking these supplements and think the benefits will help you, give the containers with a smaller capsule count a try. If you have been taking perhaps another more expensive supplement and want to switch, Nature Made is definitely cheap and gives all the same as the more expensive brands.

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  1. Katie

    I hate how the first few results for “Nature Made review” yield kind of shady sites that don’t even review the product. I don’t know why it took so long to find an actual review of Nature Made’s fish oil but at least I found it. Great comprehensive review, Richie. I’ve subscribed to the blog so I get emails when you guys post. 🙂

    • Richie Simmons

      Awesome feedback Katie. Thank you!

  2. Brook Tereita

    I like that you guys are careful in looking for what’s actually inside some of these health supplements. Many supplement reviewers out there just review and I’m not even sure they actually try the products.

    • Gary Baker

      Hi Brook,

      Yes, we have noticed a lot of supplement reviewers aren’t as careful as we are. Richie and I are very intricate when it comes to supplements. We are both older males, so it’s imperative (in our opinion) to do research before buying and actually putting capsules inside your system. Lucky for you guys, we lay it all out in our articles!

      Thank you for your feedback, by the way. It means a lot to us. 🙂


  3. Jim McCloud

    I don’t usually comment, but I needed this review. Was looking at Nature Made’s fish oil product considering its price, so thank you. Perfectly written.

    • Richie Simmons

      Thanks for the comment Jim! Absolutely agree; the price per bottle was probably the biggest draw for me.

  4. Trey

    Been on fish oil for a while, but mine is always leaving me an after taste. Going to give nature made a go since they’re the same price per bottle and I’m almost done with mine anyway. Hoping I get your experience Richie!

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