Learning to Blog – Our Journey to a Helpful Informative Hub

On last week’s post, I updated y’all with how we have been handling the creation of the blog and all aspects of being website owners. It was tough since we are not one of those tech-born millennials. But it has been successful so far. We obviously have goals on where we want to take this blog. But starting off is always one of the funner parts just because of how chaotic it can all be.

Lately I particularly have had a little trouble on blogging. It is a complex world to say the least. Let me clarify: I am retiree-aged. I did not grow up with computers. Of course I use technology pretty free-willingly nowadays; I have a smartphone, a tablet, a pretty sick television, and two computer systems. But learning something new at this age is always a challenge, one that we have taken up to great joy. Even our grandkids got in with the fun of helping us make decisions on some aspects of the site.

So when I figured out things like site stats, setting up the hosting (nameservers and whatnot), I was pretty ecstatic. I still have trouble navigating around my content managing service, but I am learning every day what it takes to be a good blogger. Also, an update on some of our stuff: we are currently working on setting up social media and linking them up to our blog. We will get that figured out shortly. Meanwhile, thanks for sticking with us! To all my friends that read our content, we appreciate you. Stick around for more cool content. The next post will probably be on how to play one of the games we have already covered since we still have been playing croquet and horseshoes.

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