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We’ve talked a lot about horseshoes before, and there have been plenty of demand for new tips and tricks for those of you that bought the horseshoe sets we recommended or have otherwise delved deeper into this backyard sports and hobby. Richie and I have done a decent chunk of playing the game, but it hasn’t been as frequently as when we first began. Still, we have some new things to share with you that we believe will benefit you and your family or friends greatly.

Find your favorite throwing technique

There are a few ways to throw the horseshoe to get a desired arc, specific turns, or to get varying amounts of power. The most popular way to hold it is right at the side of the horseshoe. This is what is called the quarter turn technique for throwing your horseshoe. It is almost standard practice to throw it this way, with your pinky finger close to the edge of where the horseshoe ends on that side and your thumb resting off of the horseshoe. Throw it like you’re chucking your phone at your bed, with your palm facing up at the end of the stroke.

The other way to throw it is called the 1 ¾ approach. Hold it right in between where one of the edges of the horseshoe and the middle meet. That little intersection or curve should give you about 1 ¾ of a spin, which is what it is named for.

There is actually another technique that is very rarely used in both professional and casual play. It is called the “flip shoe”. The way you hold the horseshoe using this technique is by placing your hand right in the middle of the horseshoe, so at the bottom of the U-shaped curve. The horseshoe should be placed right on your fingers with your palm open facing upwards. Once that is done put your finger right on the curve of the horseshoe at the top and hold it just like that. It should result in a very clean throw where the horseshoe only flips around that point just one time. This is a good technique if you find that throwing horseshoes the other traditional ways just aren’t doing it for you. Make sure to practice for us, but if nothing else works perhaps the flip shoe technique might.

The other way to do the rare flip shoe technique is by placing your hand exactly like you would in the flip shoe, but in reverse. By this we mean your thumb is still on its own side within the shoe but now your palm is facing downwards. To throw the horseshoe this way, you don’t throw underhand or overhand. You simply throw the horseshoe in an underhand manner but with your palm facing down. This means that the majority of your power will come from your forearms and shoulders, rather than your biceps as was traditional with other throwing methods. This is a great way to continue getting flips and flips until the horseshoe meets the stake. It’s great if you already have a good amount of power but you weren’t able to achieve the spinning finesse that other techniques rely on.

The “flip shoe” technique is definitely not the most common, but it could help you if nothing else works

Regardless of which throwing technique you use, make sure your footwork, posture, and Amy are all consistent every time. It doesn’t matter which throwing method you use the most if you are unable to get the other parts of pitching correct. This means using your lead foot before throwing underhand, keeping your back straight, making sure your head is straight and looking at the target all times, and using your back foot for support. Also try to get the correct spin, based on the pitching technique that we outlined above. Each page has a different spin and so you should work to achieve that spin to get your horseshoe to the stake.

So if shown you 4 different ways you can pitch the horseshoe again. For the most proper horseshoe pitching technique, do follow our horseshoe pitching guide. It has plenty more tips and information on exactly how to get your form right. This is just a complementary article to that piece, where we show you a bunch of different techniques in case you’ve been struggling with your current form. You need to read that article if you wish to learn how to truly pitch a horseshoe, not just understand different techniques of doing so.

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