Is Golfing Really That Expensive?

We’ve gotten a good amount of questions surrounding our hobby of golf recently and decided we should address them. As life-long fans of the sport (Gary moreso than myself), we’ve started to look at everything we purchase as some sort of investment. Yes, the equipment can get pricey, but it does seem worth it if you truly enjoy the game like we do. Are there less expensive hobbies out there? Sure. But if golf is the sport you love then why not spend your money there? There is a quote about how time spent on things you enjoy doing is not time wasted. The same thing goes for money. We love playing golf together and have even involved our families into the sport. It’s an investment that continues to pay off.

We’ll go a little more about how expensive golfing really is in this article. However, I want the point to remain that no matter how expensive your hobby is, if you truly enjoy it I believe you should pursue it. That’s one of the beauties in life. If you have the means and the will, go get what you desire. For us, it was an array of golf balls, clubs, memberships, and even a caddy rental. It’s all part of what we love to do and we don’t mind spending. Besides, as you’ll see below, it really isn’t all that expensive. There are plenty of ways to do golfing on a budget. You don’t have to spend hundreds on a golf membership just to see the best courses.

Golf balls

These are the first expense because they are most often the cheapest. A dozen or so golf balls would cost anywhere from $20 to $50 depending on the quality of the ball. The Callaway Supersoft golf ball, for instance, only costs around $30 for a dozen. That is a very solid golf ball and has treated us well for at least the last few years. They even have a new 2017 model that has the same price point but has more bounce.

Ideally, you purchase your first dozen golf balls at around $20. Those are the cheaper ones but it will help you get into the sport. That’s what Gary and I did when he helped me learn the game.

Golf clubs/heads

This one is a little harder to learn but most likely you can get away with renting your clubs or just buying used ones. These are extremely durable equipment. It would be rare to find a golf club that would actually break with regular use. That is why buying used is probably the best option for those that are on a budget.

Even if you purchase them new, think of it as an investment of sorts. These might last you at least a decade even if you use it regularly. Your children then can take advantage of your golf clubs, for instance. The cost for these come around to probably $30 or so per club, and you’re going to need a lot. Again, rent or borrow from a friend if you need to.

Golf attire and equipment

The other things you need to worry about fall under this category. What are golfing shoes and why do I need them? What kind of shirt and pants should I wear? All of that falls under here. Now, those aren’t particularly important on your first go around. You could show up in some slacks and a regular t-shirt and be fine to golf with me. However, once you start playing the game more, you are going to want to spend some money on golf shoes and whatnot. They aren’t a necessity, but they do make things better in the long run. Golf shoes could end up costing anywhere from $50 to $150.

Golf memberships

Despite popular opinion on the sport, you don’t need a membership at a golf club to even begin. I don’t even know where that stigma came from. But there are plenty of golf courses around that allow you to play one round or two, rather than paying every single month. You do have options, so don’t think you’re limited to spending hundreds of dollars per month just to play golf.

Overall, the costs shouldn’t be too much for you to shy away from the sport. Again, the basic stuff can be rented or borrowed. Most of the equipment or things you have to buy aren’t even necessary unless you are wanting to be more serious about the sport. The point is, I hope everyone tries golf at least once in their life time. It truly is an amazing sport and I would hate if people stepped away from it due to perceived costs. I hardly spent any money when I first started a few years back. Of course, now I am obsessed with the sport as is Gary. But you really don’t have to spend that much money on it to enjoy.

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