Golf: Why I Still Play

We’ve talked about golf many times on this blog and that’s with good reason. Actually, there are a few of them hence why this post was created. I want to briefly go over why I still play the game of golf. Despite the numerous times I’ve been frustrated at the game, I still seem to always come back to it. It’s not like it is a cheap hobby, either. The golf clubs and drivers cost a lot and you need many of them. The golf balls are relatively affordable, but they get lost rather easily. And it’s not as accessible to play golf as other sports are. So why keep going?


The first thing I can come up with when it comes to why I keep playing is the relaxing nature of golf. There are few sports where a man of age such as myself can be active without being excessively so. By that I mean, golf is a hobby that requires your physical movement and mental concentration. But it isn’t a hobby that takes the wind out of you. You aren’t running around catching a sweat. There is hardly any stress (unless you’re playing competitively, that is). It is a calm, quiet environment when it comes to golf.

Social settings

I also love how social the game becomes. There are few sports out there that give you more opportunity to converse with all kinds of people. I can bring my gorgeous wife to play golf with me (fortunately, she has passion for the game as well). I can bring my sons or their children to play along as well. I’ve even had a few business meetings over golf. The setting is truly up to you. I love how golf can be played either formally or informally.

The overall climate of golfing again is very calming and reassuring. This provides ample time in between swings to talk and create closer bonds with people you enjoy.

A hobby you own

This one’s a little bit harder to explain, but try to hear me out. Remember how I mentioned the price of golf? Each piece of equipment will cost you a good amount. You really have to consider it as an investment before you purchase anything. But that’s exactly the point: buying golfing equipment is just like an investment.

These aren’t items you buy just to use them a couple times. These pieces of equipment are investments that will last you several years. I’ve had one of my drivers for almost a decade now and still use it religiously. If you purchase quality equipment, you will get years of life out of it. The Callaway Supersoft review that Richie did only a couple months back is one of our go-to balls. We’ve used Callaway as our default golf brand for years and their new ball has been fantastic so far. Again, you don’t buy this equipment just for a few rounds of golf. If you’re as invested in the sport as we are, you consider your purchases as long-term. We bought a dozen 2017 Callaway Supersoft balls as soon as they were announced. That purchase was made in anticipation of the balls lasting us the rest of the year, and we play golf very frequently.

It also almost becomes a collection. I’m not one to hoard numerous items of interest simply to own it. But my golfing equipment is something I take real pride in. The drivers, clubs, and golf balls are parts that I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s become part of my life and I’m proud to own such items.

Skill progression

My goodness is this a great reason to keep coming back to golf. I’ve been playing golf since I was in my 30s, so it’s been at least two decades. Richie first started playing seriously in late 30s to early 40s. For each of us, that means at least a decade’s worth of serious playing. Yet, I still truly 100% believe we have so much more in the game to learn. Quite simply, it is a complex game that requires dedication. Because it’s so addicting and enjoyable to play, dedicating time and effort to the sport is easy.

There’s something about always wanting to be better that makes golf worth coming back to. Golf has so many special areas of skill that you always have something to look forward to improving. Whether it’s getting a better drive or learning to get the ball out of a tough place, there is always something you want to get better at. I believe that is what makes us want to continue with the sport. We’re already deeply invested, so why not try to reach our highest potential?

Easily accessible

This sort of ties in with what I mentioned above, but it’s worth mentioning under it’s own section. The game is easily accessible to anyone that is willing to put time into it. It’s especially accessible to older people, since there aren’t any chaotic movements involved. If you’re relatively mobile and your back and hips are healthy, the game is ready to play. There is a lot of walking, but I feel that only promotes better health.

Kids enjoy the game as well, if you introduce it and encourage them to keep playing. Mini-golf is a great variation of the sport and could lead to more passion to play in bigger courses. When I first started getting better at the game, I introduced it to my son. He was pretty young then but he enjoyed it. Now he’s grown up and has his own children, who I would love to teach golf to further. The point is that virtually anyone can play the game and realistically be good at it.

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