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Q: Richie, I loved your buying guide on croquet. I purchased my own set and just got it. Do you have any advice on how to get started with croquet? I’m pretty well-versed in other lawn games, as well as having played golf for a few years. I really wish to get my family involved in croquet, as you’ve mentioned it’s a great family hobby. Thank you for your feedback.

This is another awesome question we received just a couple days ago. Our croquet buying guide is really gaining traction now. It’s become ActiveAuthorities’ number one post of all time, so thank you all for reading it and giving it attention!

As for the question at hand, we have a few tips for you. Croquet is a fairly straightforward game but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time. The game features a lot of skill progression if you become dedicated to it, similar to the skill progression in golf. With that said, here are our tips on getting started with croquet.

Do some research on the basic flow of the game

Whenever I get into a new hobby, I always do some light research on how the game works. I’m not writing a research paper or anything thorough like that. But I do make sure I know the basic functions of the game so I can play it better. I’m looking for things such as the initial set-up, how to score points or win, etc.

Again, this should be light research. Do not over-complicate things. Just do enough reading around to get a basic idea of how the game itself works. This leads me to my next few points.

Buy a quality croquet set

For the reader that asked the question, it looks like you’ve already purchased your own set. However, these Weekend Questions also help the rest of our readers. So for those of you looking to get started with croquet, buy yourself a decent croquet set.

If you’ve looked around and found croquet might interest you, don’t cheap out on a set. There are many cheap croquet sets out there that are made with poor quality materials. As someone who’s tried plenty of sets, I can say confidently that a low-quality croquet set can easily ruin the game for you. So be careful when purchasing. You don’t have to buy an expensive vintage set or anything crazy like that. But do yourself a favor and buy something decent and worthwhile. I actually wrote a piece on the best croquet sets not too long ago. Be sure to give that one a read if you’re still looking for a good set.

Set up and play the game

As soon as you do some light looking around for how the game works and you’ve purchased a decent croquet set, it’s time to set it up and actually play. I advise to just go ahead and do it. You don’t have to know every single rule or the best techniques to get a perfect swing down. The best way to start with a new hobby like croquet is to simply get into it as soon as you can. Of course, you probably don’t want to go in blindfolded, not knowing how it works. This is why I included the first point. But you do want to get in as soon as you do understand the game.

I feel like many people lose interest because the game has many rules and techniques to get good at. However, it’s really fun to just dive right in. You can develop your own croquet swing techniques or even some house rules. After all, you aren’t playing the game competitively, at least not yet. The point of your first few playthroughs is to have a great time with your family and learn the game together. Develop your own swings, strategies, and rules and the game of croquet will open up for you. Only once you have a more advanced understanding of the game should you look to play with official rules.

Watch others play croquet

Watching others play the game is also a great way to learn it. When my family and I began, though, we made sure to get started right away. It was only after a few games that I went back in to watch YouTube videos of others playing the game. It helped me understand the general flow of croquet better so I could teach the wife and kids.

For those looking to play croquet with actual professional rules, there are plenty of pro videos out there as well. I’ve been able to watch croquet tournaments (unfortunately, none in my area as of now) and try to implement some of the things I saw into my own game. Croquet really does open up for you once you give it a shot.

To the reader that asked this question, thank you for asking. I hope this answers your question and that you and your family have an awesome time with the sport. It is amazing how well a family can bond by picking up a new hobby like croquet and learning it together. Hopefully we get more questions regarding the sport, but if not, we’re open to other questions as well!

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