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Getting Started With Croquet

Q: Richie, I loved your buying guide on croquet. I purchased my own set and just got it. Do you have any advice on how to get started with croquet? I’m pretty well-versed in other lawn games,

Myostatin Inhibitors: Do They Work?

Q: Hi Gary and Richie, I’ve only done a minor amount of research on myostatin. I am still unsure as to what exactly it is or why people get involved with myostatin inhibitors. Can you explain whether

Weekend Questions: Injured! What to do?

Q: Hey Rich and Gary! I recently had my spring break and decided to take the week off from the gym after reading a few bits online about how taking rest weeks are actually good for your

Weekend Questions: I haven’t lifted in a while. How much strength did I lose?

Q: Hi Richie and Gary. Let’s get straight to the point. Over the winter break, I honestly have not been lifting. As a college student, that means a full month without lifting weights or doing any cardio

Weekend Questions: Am I Fatigued or Just Lazy?

Q: Hi Gary. I have been going to the gym for the first time these past two months. It’s tough because I have been going inconsistently and I feel that feeds even more into me not going.

Weekend Questions: How to Feel Like Going to the Gym?

Q: I know ways of getting motivated to go to the gym. But how do I actually want to feel like going? What are some tips I can have to make fitness a fun yet integral part in my

What is the Best Massage Roller or Massage Stick?

Q: What are massage rollers used for? Are there differences between massage rollers and sticks? What about foam rollers? Which ones are the best? Welcome to another Weekend Questions post. View our last Weekend Questions (how to

Weekend Questions: How to Keep Active During the Day?

Q: How do I keep active during a work day, when most of my time is spent sitting down? Before I get started, I want to introduce a new segment on the site. It’s called Weekend Questions, where