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Improving Your Golf Swing

The golf swing is probably one of the most formulated movement in all of sports. By that I mean there is a blueprint on how your swing should go to maximize power and effectiveness. Despite this, it’s

Blister Protection and Prevention

When you’re doing a number of exercises, getting blisters can be a big problem. Whether it’s blisters from hiking, jogging around the block, or playing sports, it can happen virtually any time you use your feet. With

How to Throw Horseshoes Properly – Pitching Techniques

We last mentioned horseshoes in this post, our first post actually, but since then I have promised to write an advice-ridden post on how to actually get better. I have only recently adopted the hobby, but some

Weekend Questions: How to Feel Like Going to the Gym?

Q: I know ways of getting motivated to go to the gym. But how do I actually want to feel like going? What are some tips I can have to make fitness a fun yet integral part in my

Weekend Questions: How to Keep Active During the Day?

Q: How do I keep active during a work day, when most of my time is spent sitting down? Before I get started, I want to introduce a new segment on the site. It’s called Weekend Questions, where