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Lifestraw Go Review: Is it worth it?

There are perhaps hundreds of Lifestraw reviews out there, so I wouldn’t be surprised if our readers already know what the Lifestraw is. However, one thing these reviews don’t go over is the Lifestraw Go and whether

Myostatin Inhibitors: Do They Work?

Q: Hi Gary and Richie, I’ve only done a minor amount of research on myostatin. I am still unsure as to what exactly it is or why people get involved with myostatin inhibitors. Can you explain whether

Blister Protection and Prevention

When you’re doing a number of exercises, getting blisters can be a big problem. Whether it’s blisters from hiking, jogging around the block, or playing sports, it can happen virtually any time you use your feet. With

Weekend Questions: Injured! What to do?

Q: Hey Rich and Gary! I recently had my spring break and decided to take the week off from the gym after reading a few bits online about how taking rest weeks are actually good for your

Feeling lazy? Here are some awesome conveniences of working out today!

People often associate overall health and wellbeing with their weight, body fat percentage, or the amount they can squat/bench/deadlift. While, yes, a large number of people that exercise do so to shed some pounds or gain muscle,

3 Perks of Eating Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit are one of the strangest, if exotic, fruits out there. The nomenclature derives from Indonesia, where the fruit gained most of its popularity. It is also referred to as “pitahaya” or “pitaya”. People grow them

Best Fish Oil Supplements to Take

The past couple of years were when I first began taking fish oil supplements. At first, people would recommend me different brands. As someone completely new to fish oil, I didn’t know what to expect or what I

Weekend Questions: I haven’t lifted in a while. How much strength did I lose?

Q: Hi Richie and Gary. Let’s get straight to the point. Over the winter break, I honestly have not been lifting. As a college student, that means a full month without lifting weights or doing any cardio

Best Cheap Compression Socks for Running

Compression gear has become extremely popular in today’s fitness scene. The idea behind them is that by compressing your muscles, there will be an increase in blood flow to those areas, resulting in less soreness and fatigue.

Taking Brain Supplements?

In my last post, I mentioned that I have been taking a brain supplement along with my Optimum Nutrition fish oil. I no longer take that fish oil, but I have still been using the brain supplements.