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Best Hiking First Aid Kit

I see many blog posts that highlight the best first aid kit in general. But none of them really cater to the hiking and backpacking audience. Believe it or not, there really is a difference. You’re going

Myostatin Inhibitors: Do They Work?

Q: Hi Gary and Richie, I’ve only done a minor amount of research on myostatin. I am still unsure as to what exactly it is or why people get involved with myostatin inhibitors. Can you explain whether

Blister Protection and Prevention

When you’re doing a number of exercises, getting blisters can be a big problem. Whether it’s blisters from hiking, jogging around the block, or playing sports, it can happen virtually any time you use your feet. With

Best Longboard Decks & Longboards for Cruising

To all our readers, I am finally back! After a fairly long period of time off from posting on the site, I am back and ready to give more insight on the aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Best Fish Oil Supplements to Take

The past couple of years were when I first began taking fish oil supplements. At first, people would recommend me different brands. As someone completely new to fish oil, I didn’t know what to expect or what I

Best Cheap Compression Socks for Running

Compression gear has become extremely popular in today’s fitness scene. The idea behind them is that by compressing your muscles, there will be an increase in blood flow to those areas, resulting in less soreness and fatigue.

Best Bocce Ball Set Under $100

Bocce (pronounced botch-ee) is yet another game we found to play with our families for fun. It’s great because it involves the outdoors and is quite similar to some of the games we have already played, namely

Best Bike Handlebars – Customizing for Different Purposes

Biking has been a passion of mine since I was in my 20s. It seems regardless of the kind of biking — from mountain biking to casual strolls around the block — it would stick with me

What is the Best Massage Roller or Massage Stick?

Q: What are massage rollers used for? Are there differences between massage rollers and sticks? What about foam rollers? Which ones are the best? Welcome to another Weekend Questions post. View our last Weekend Questions (how to

Top 5 Best Croquet Sets – Buyer’s Guide

Croquet set reviews: checking out multiple sets for material quality, value, and durability Croquet is a very old game, dating all the way back to the 17th century. From the long span of time until today, it