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Golf: Why I Still Play

We’ve talked about golf many times on this blog and that’s with good reason. Actually, there are a few of them hence why this post was created. I want to briefly go over why I still play

Active Roundup #4

It is just about that time again for us to do another roundup. Today, we bring you Active Roundup #4 (the first half, essentially, is posted here). With that out of the way, I’d like to apologize

Active Roundup #3

Hey everyone! We haven’t done a round up post since last year! Sorry, I just had to make that mostly unoriginal, unfunny joke. 😛 The last Active Roundup can be seen here or on the ever-helpful Active

Update: Mid-January, 2017

It has been a while since we did any sort of blog update for you guys, so I think it is time for that. The last one we did I believe was a week or two after

Active Roundup #2

We have another great round up of posts for our amazing readers today. Just to give you guys a small refresher on what Active Roundups are, we like to gather all the posts since the last round up

Weekend Questions: How to Feel Like Going to the Gym?

Q: I know ways of getting motivated to go to the gym. But how do I actually want to feel like going? What are some tips I can have to make fitness a fun yet integral part in my

Active Roundup #1

Active Roundups, or blog roundups, are going to be posts that summarize everything (important) that Gary and I have written about since the last roundup. These posts are supposed to make it easy for our readers to

Weekend Questions: How to Keep Active During the Day?

Q: How do I keep active during a work day, when most of my time is spent sitting down? Before I get started, I want to introduce a new segment on the site. It’s called Weekend Questions, where

Learning to Blog – Our Journey to a Helpful Informative Hub

On last week’s post, I updated y’all with how we have been handling the creation of the blog and all aspects of being website owners. It was tough since we are not one of those tech-born millennials.

Starting a Strong Week

Recently, it has been hectic to say the least. As you may know, our blog launched earlier this week and we have been working hard on all facets of the website. I would again love to urge you