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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world today and is quite possibly the number one hobby people my age begin taking interest on. Of course, golf is meant for absolutely everyone and I encourage even young adults reading this blog to start as soon as possible, since the skills are both very low-maintenance and highly transferable to other aspects of life.

Personally, I started playing golf around a decade ago and have made it one of my go-to hobbies, especially during my journey of exploring personal health. I have come to understand the game in-depth and have gone beyond simply playing it: I now watch plenty of tournaments, both televised and small-market ones, study body forms and swing arcs in my free time, and I read up on my favorite golfers such as Rory McIlroy, John Daly, and Annika Sorenstam for recreation. I’ve even made it an interest of mine to grow a collection of golfing inventory. My stockpile has many different ranges of golf clubs and headers, a variety of my favorite tees, and a diverse set of golf balls from many sports brands.

Beyond a doubt, my absolute favorite sport these days is not bocce, nor horseshoes or croquet. My favorite sport to play is golf because it is a simple game to understand, yet it has so many complex folds to master. The game is easy on the body and is one of the most peaceful things to do. On top of that, the social aspect — inviting your pals and even family members — to play a quick game never disappoints. There is also a good amount of variation for different skill levels, from mini-golf to an actual clubhouse with acres upon acres of greenery to play on.

In today’s post, I want to delve into a relatively new golf ball made by Callaway, a company I hold in high regard. This Callaway Supersoft review will look at items of interest such as value per dollar, golf ball quality, performance, and durability. As golfers, we absolutely need a high-performing golf ball that will help us improve our game. We also need a budget-friendly product because golf balls get lost fairly often. Lastly, the balls we swing at must be durable and well-manufactured.

Callaway Supersoft golf ball review


The Callaway Supersoft is a lightweight golf ball that advertises itself as being engineered for distance. From the internal material compression to the small craters found on the ball’s exterior, Callaway claims that the Supersoft delivers “maximum ball speed with reduced resistance for increased distance”.

A simple diagram comparing high- and low-compression golf balls

For most experienced golfers, the type of ball plays a huge factor in overall enjoyment of the game. Swinging at a quality ball is honestly one of the game’s many treasures. If you are just starting, most of this may seem like gibberish to you. You’re probably thinking; I mean, it’s just a golf ball, right? Wrong. It sort of is hard to explain in text, but just know that the more you play and experiment with different models of golf balls, the more you will feel the difference in quality. A good golf ball is fun to swing at, lofts far with minimal resistance to the air, and lasts you a long time. We will be testing this criteria in my review.

Physical feel:

The actual, physical feel of the golf ball is impressive. It is splendidly light weight, even to the touch. The Supersoft type is supposed to be effortless to drive, but the balls themselves show pretty exceptional exterior quality. Squeezing the ball with my palms does not bend it any way, unlike other cheap golf balls. As for the small craters, they are very consistent. In my box of a dozen Callaway Supersoft golf balls, I found no errors in the dimples, a problem that is extremely prevalent in cheaper balls. This is important in manufacturing because the dimples on a golf ball allow air to flow smoother and thus reduce air resistance for longer flight. You can almost trust based solely on this that Callaway has worked hard to ensure top quality for their product.

Swing feel:

Taking the Supersoft balls to the golf range, I was able to really concentrate on how it feels to swing at them. The whole point of Callaway Supersoft balls is that they should feel like butter when hit. Lightweight balls are quite fun since they have more potential to go further and they naturally make me feel like I have a better swing and more power because of it. A heavy and likely cheap ball, on the other hand, can make you feel like you have hit a wall. Your downswing should be one smooth motion with as little friction as possible for the most power.

This particular golf ball has an enjoyable feel to it. I just swing and the ball is on its way. The “clack” sound the ball makes when it makes impact with my club is also very satisfying.


Forget the physical qualities and the smooth hit this ball has for just a second. How well the golf ball performs is about 90% of the reason you would even switch or upgrade in the first place. Ideally, you’d like something that will help improve your distance and accuracy.

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Coming from an almost religious use of the Bridgestone E6 golf ball, the Callaway Supersoft has markedly improved my overall distance. I see the arc on my shot is much higher and the distance covered has changed like day and night. Because there is less spin, the ball also travels in a straighter line toward where I am aiming, which is a godsend for golfers that were once infuriated with their performance. While reading Supersoft reviews, I was worried that less ball spin would hinder my pitches and travel too far once it lands. However, I felt completely in control and comfortable during the rounds I played while testing.

I also did some note-taking for a few of my swings, and would often find that I cover anywhere from 10-25 more yards on my first hits with the Supersoft than I did with the Bridgestone E6. The final putts to put the ball in the cup weren’t much different, which is a relief considering how light the ball is. I was concerned the softness would affect some of my gentle taps and get me over par, but thankfully it was nothing to worry about.

When my swing slices, I notice these don’t curve to the left or right as much as others I have played with do. This often results in a cleaner, straighter shot that covers a lot of ground. I also find I am more consistent in scoring with this set. That cannot merely be coincidence since I can visibly notice the change in accuracy and power in my swings.


I purchased my first dozen-ball set around August of 2016, which is, as of initial publication for this Supersoft review, approximately half a year. That is, in my opinion, good enough to judge overall durability of golf balls. I have lost my fair share of balls since then (I have around 7 remaining), but the ones I do have left have had a lot of run in them.

Most of the 7 remaining are scuffed moderately. I would say the scuffs are fairly minor. I would be surprised if they had any impact on my performance, so I should be good for at least another year or two of continuous use. Though most of them are dealing with basic wear and tear, only one of the golf balls in the set had any visible dent. The others were still as round as if it were new.

I have purchased and used many different brands of gold balls, many of which would show visible signs of aggressive use after only a few months of play. However, Callaway Supersoft golf balls, despite being soft and lightweight, impressed me with its ability to stay intact.


For people that go through them as quickly as I do, whether that is from basic use or from loss, picking up budget-friendly golf balls is an absolute must. They are already pretty expensive as they are, so saving money where possible would help a lot.

A set of the Supersoft golf balls, fortunately, is very affordable. I buy them in packs of 12 from online retailers like, Amazon, or eBay, whichever is cheaper. For the durability and performance boost you get out of each ball, I find Callaway’s lightweight golf balls to be extremely valuable. Each ball feels ready to last me years even with frequent play.

Callaway Supersoft Review: other alternatives

I will go ahead and recommend substitute products if for any reason you aren’t convinced this one is for you. Because this is a Callaway Supersoft review and not a review of these other alternative golf balls, I won’t be going too in-depth with the summaries, as these are just a couple of many you should try.

It is always a good idea to venture out and try as many different types of golf balls and brands as possible, especially since performance can vary from person to person. Everyone’s swing and power is different, so trying out a mixture until you find a golf ball that complements your performance well is definitely worth the time.

Pro V1

The ProV1 would probably be the best selling golf ball in the world right now if it weren’t for its steep price. Still, it is a professional quality ball that would receive my vote for best golf ball.

Bridgestone E6

Prior to switching to the Callaway Supersoft, the E6 was my main ball. It has a great mix of affordability and quality. They are great, basic balls that last a long time. Unfortunately, going back to them after using the Supersoft’s has me feeling almost weak with significantly less distance on my swing, though that speaks more on the structure quality of the Supersoft than it does the Bridgestone. The E6 is still much cheaper than most brands and does a commendable job out on the golf course. I would say it is the best budget golf ball out there, though the Supersoft provides a lot more value for just a few bucks more.

For more recommendations on the best golf balls 2017, check out’s awesome video! I have had great experiences with each ball minus the Srixon.

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  1. don

    Keep the plethora of golf articles coming guys, it’s a dream for golfers like me that have subscribed to your blog!

  2. Rebecca dorca

    Love Callaway as a golf brand so thanks for writing a detailed review on their golf balls

  3. Bruno landon

    Been golfing for the better part of the last 2 years now and must say, even though I’m not looking for a new golf ball right now, this review is very well-written. I can actually speak for the Callaway Supersoft and must say it is a fantastic ball to use. The feel is decent and the price for a half-dozen pack is not bad at all. Good write-up.

  4. sandra

    I just now got into golf! Fortunately for me, my older brother has some extra golf balls that I could use, so I won’t have to buy my own for a while. Regardless, I wanted to thank you for putting together articles like these. The whole site has been very helpful for me!!

  5. Yazmin Bolton

    I ended up purchasing the Callaway Soft X, what do you think about that?

    • Richie Simmons

      Overall, a good purchase. I decided against including it because I found it felt a little bit on the cheap end, at least for my tastes. Of course, everyone is different.

      My main takeaway from this is that you could never go wrong purchasing from Callaway.

  6. Simon

    I went golfing with a friend of mine and noticed he used a Callaway brand ball as well. Asked him a few questions about it, though I didn’t get if it was the Supersoft or not, but am now convinced I should switch. My current ball was doing alright, but if I can muster out a little more comfort with the ball I am using, the better!

  7. Angelina Davis

    Supersoft or the Bridgestone E6? E6 is cheaper by a little bit and have used Bridgestone before but not Callaway.

    • Richie Simmons

      Hi Angelina,

      We actually mentioned this in the review! I used to have the Bridgestone E6 and use it daily. However, I made the switch to the Supersoft and felt noticeable improvement in my shot. That isn’t to knock the E6, however, as I firmly believe it is a serviceable golf ball.

      Hope this helps,

  8. Grant easton

    Perfect review! Going to purchase a set of Callaway Supersoft, but also going to try out the new Callaway Soft X they came out with.. Not sure about its actual name, as I’ll have to check later but thank you so much!!

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