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Improving Your Golf Swing

The golf swing is probably one of the most formulated movement in all of sports. By that I mean there is a blueprint on how your swing should go to maximize power and effectiveness. Despite this, it’s

Best Hiking First Aid Kit

I see many blog posts that highlight the best first aid kit in general. But none of them really cater to the hiking and backpacking audience. Believe it or not, there really is a difference. You’re going

Golf: Why I Still Play

We’ve talked about golf many times on this blog and that’s with good reason. Actually, there are a few of them hence why this post was created. I want to briefly go over why I still play

Blister Protection and Prevention

When you’re doing a number of exercises, getting blisters can be a big problem. Whether it’s blisters from hiking, jogging around the block, or playing sports, it can happen virtually any time you use your feet. With

Best Longboard Decks & Longboards for Cruising

To all our readers, I am finally back! After a fairly long period of time off from posting on the site, I am back and ready to give more insight on the aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Update: Mid-January, 2017

It has been a while since we did any sort of blog update for you guys, so I think it is time for that. The last one we did I believe was a week or two after

Weekend Questions: Am I Fatigued or Just Lazy?

Q: Hi Gary. I have been going to the gym for the first time these past two months. It’s tough because I have been going inconsistently and I feel that feeds even more into me not going.

Best Bocce Ball Set Under $100

Bocce (pronounced botch-ee) is yet another game we found to play with our families for fun. It’s great because it involves the outdoors and is quite similar to some of the games we have already played, namely

Health Tip: Morning Walks

If you remember our last health tip, we went over how it is generally a good habit to track your own sleep using your smartphone. Today’s health tip is morning walks. I write this article today early

Bring your dog hiking!

This is kind of just a blog update on how Rich and I are doing, but we still wanted to share with you all. Our families each own dogs, but it has never really come to our