Active Roundup #5

It’s time for Roundup #5! Our last roundup can be found here. Because we’ve been getting a bit more viewers, we should explain our Active Roundups. Basically, we take some of the important posts we’ve published since the last roundup and summarize them all in one place. This makes it easy for readers to browse quickly.

To summarize what’s been going on lately, Gary has been spending family time. This explains his absence from the blog for a couple of months. But alas, he is back with some awesome new informational posts.

Benefits of working out

If you’re on the fence of doing so, we explain why it can be so beneficial for both your physical and mental health. I know many people that are concerned of the time commitment required for fitness. If you really enjoy what you’re doing, and we talk about this in the article, then it all just comes naturally. I’d give the article a read if:

  • You have never worked out
  • You have been out of it for a while and want to go back in
  • You are working out but you want to find some of the hidden benefits of your actions

Supersoft golf ball review

This was my first ever review of a golf ball. It was pretty fun to analyze all the small details of a ball I’ve used for years. I have many other golf balls in rotation, since they all have their special uses, but Callaway is easily my most-often used one. Give this review a read if you’re interested in golf at all. I’ve also included a few alternatives from different brands if Callaway isn’t for you.

Best Longboard Decks

Gary’s son filled in for him with this guest post! Of course, Gary has his own experience with skating. But that was decades ago. His son Dylan, though, is an avid skater who knows his boards. This is a rather long article, so set aside some time to read it all the way through.

Dylan goes over his favorite longboard decks, the difference between a longboard and a skateboard, the best cruising longboards, and even wheels made specifically for longboards. It’s a complete guide for those of you who include skating as part of your active journey.

Blister Protection

Finally, our latest post is Gary’s piece on preventing blisters from happening. They can happen most often while hiking or running. Gary gives us tips on how best to avoid them using various treatment methods. If you already have existing blisters, don’t worry. Gary included tips on how to remedy those safely and naturally.

This is an important article we will be linking frequently. Blisters can really put a dent in your ability to perform and they can happen anytime you’re using your feet.

Popular: Croquet Set Buying Guide

We decided to include this section because sometimes individual posts from a while back get more popular over time. Our statistics show that our buying guide for croquet is gaining traction. This is a post I personally wrote so I am definitely proud that many of you are reading it! It’s also a great sign that croquet is getting more popular.

In the guide, I list out 5 of my favorite croquet sets. I have tried probably 7 or 8 in total because I am a collector and wooden croquet sets are beautiful displays. The vintage sets are also collector-worthy.

See our croquet set list:

That’s it for our roundup. Stay tuned for Active Roundup #6, as we will be having a lot more content moving forward. Gary will be writing more, taking requests by email if you guys have specific problems you need addressed.

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