Active Roundup #4

It is just about that time again for us to do another roundup. Today, we bring you Active Roundup #4 (the first half, essentially, is posted here). With that out of the way, I’d like to apologize briefly for not having enough content up these past few weeks. We have been busy organizing trips for our families and dealing with life’s hassles. But, fear not, it was just a small break. In the coming months,we will prepare and publish some great and helpful articles for our dedicated readers!

Best compression socks for running

We wrote a buyer’s guide for compression socks, after fully realizing their benefit and comfort when doing activities like hiking. I worked hard writing this guide for you guys, and it took a few weeks of testing each compression sock for durability, performance, and comfort, to fully put reviews out on them, so I hope the article is as helpful for you guys as it was enjoyable for me to write.

Best budget bocce ball sets

We wrote yet another buyer’s guide, but this time for bocce sets. Bocce is one of the newer sports Gary and I have played together with our families, and it has become quite a favorite. The reason for that is most likely the team-based factors we placed into the game (read more with the link above, but basically we put two players on each team and play against each other). The bocce sets are relatively cheap considering the amount of value we get out of them; each set can last for  years, even if you play every weekend.

Another great thing about bocce is how relatively simple it is to play. You don’t necessarily need a pit you do in horseshoes, nor do you need to hammer down any stakes like in croquet. There are official dimensions for the playing field, but we have just as much fun improvising at our local park.

Skipping the gym for… months?

This was weirdly a regular question we received. It seems bizarre to have to miss the gym for a long period of time, but sometimes injuries occur or you simply get lazy or fatigued. The point is, you missed time at the gym, whether that “gym” is the actual gym for you to lift weights or do cardio in, or something like a park where you would do some walking or jogging. The gym can be a literal or figurative word that simply refers to where you do your physical exercise.

In this Weekend Questions, we answer how you can cope with missing the gym for an extended period of time and analyze how long recovering back to full strength can take.

Best fish oil supplements

We have been reviewing fish oil supplements time and again, so we figured we might as well round them up for a “best of” list. These are my absolute favorite ones to take due to their effectiveness and affordability. Once you reach the level where taking these supplements are necessary, you will be glad you are saving money with each bottle purchased. Click the header above to give our guide a read, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Kevin Uste

    Been a subscriber for a while and by far my favorite roundup so far. The Weekend Questions on not going to the gym for months also hit home for me… Haha.
    Keep up the great work and looking forward to the next roundup guys.

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