Active Roundup #3

Hey everyone! We haven’t done a round up post since last year! Sorry, I just had to make that mostly unoriginal, unfunny joke. 😛 The last Active Roundup can be seen here or on the ever-helpful Active Roundups category page. We finally decided to write this one after a couple requests for it from some busy folks. PS: Thanks for writing in! We really appreciate talking to some of you!

A quick note before starting, this roundup will most likely be split with the 4th roundup just because we have had so much content since the last one and there is a lot I think our readers should read.

Bring your dog hiking

Hiking is a big thing between myself and Gary. Our families get together at one location once in a while and just enjoy the hours together and the challenge ahead of us. Recently, Gary decided to start bringing his dog hiking and I played along with the idea, bringing my own beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback (did you guys see the pictures?). It turns out, it isn’t as tough as it seems. Dogs can be a huge problem on big treks like this but we managed and even wrote down some helpful tips for you guys. Hope you enjoy those.

Supplement reviews

I took a big interest in starting to write reviews for the site. Some asked for it and even Gary agreed that it would be a good idea. I wrote my first one on Schiff Glucosamine, so if you believe glucosamine is right for you, then definitely read my review on Schiff’s product. Also, in that article, I go over some of the reasons you might want to start taking glucosamine, especially if you are an aging gentleman like myself.

I also wrote a couple of fish oil reviews. Taking fish oil is getting increasingly popular among us adults, and I talk about some of the benefits in the articles, as well as what you should look for in a good product. The two products I have tried the most are below:

As always, supplements like these can vary in effectiveness and benefits. Do contact me if you have any questions whatsoever about whether or not you should take them, or whatever concern you may have. It is always a good idea to double check before putting anything in your system! With that said, check out our

Start taking morning walks!

One of our more popular health tips was Gary’s nicely written post on taking morning walks. All I can say is there are a ton of benefits for morning walks, and it is rather easy to start incorporating it in your routine, even if you are busy. Gary started doing it with a full-time job in his hands and nowadays he has kept the habit. Do read our article if that is something that interests you.

That wraps up this time’s roundup. But stay tuned for the next one, since as mentioned we are going to continue on the 4th roundup. For those with little time to read, these three topics are the ones we feel are important to go over right now. Let us know what else you’d love to see from the blog!

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