Active Roundup #2

We have another great round up of posts for our amazing readers today. Just to give you guys a small refresher on what Active Roundups are, we like to gather all the posts since the last round up and summarize them so that it’s easier for people that haven’t caught up with our blog feed to read up on our health tips, weekly questions, product reviews, etc. Like our last one, there is a healthy amount of content to be had on Active Roundup #2.

Start tracking your sleep!:

Perhaps one of our more popular posts published in the past few weeks has been our first health tip. Gary talks about how it could be very beneficial to you as it was for him, helping him sleep better and wake up smoother through the use of smart alarms. It’s easy to get started as well, with a multitude of alarm clock apps available with smart sleep tracking. The availability of fitness/sleep trackers also make it easier to start tracking your sleep.

How to feel like going to the gym?:

We get it. There are a number of reasons you don’t want to go to the gym. Especially in this cold climate season, people start getting lazy or just plain lethargic. We try to answer the Weekend Question in this post. You most likely don’t have a goal set for yourself, among other reasons, which are holding you back from going to and enjoying the gym. Also, the “gym” in this scenario can be anything that keeps you active, be it an actual gym or just your backyard where you play croquet.

Best bicycle handlebars:

If you are a frequent rider, you have probably pondered whether or not you should customize your bike. Everyone has different needs, especially for people that bike almost every day. Our article highlights some quality bike handlebars that serve different purposes. There are a lot of cheap ones out there but they aren’t too durable, so we took only the ones we have tried and used for at least a few months and recommend them. Note that if you are just a casual rider and don’t really bring your bike for adventures (like on dirt trails or long straight routes) then you most likely will not need to change out your handlebars.

Horseshoe pitching form – throwing the right way:

We’ve gathered a few horseshoe readers since publishing our horseshoe set post a while back, so we felt it was proper to go over some of the things our friends taught us while we learned the basics. It’s been a few months now since Gary and I learned how to play and we’ve become pretty good at the game. In the piece, we give the same pointers we were taught and try to help you with your form. The offer still stands on that article, by the way: if you need help with your form, try contacting us with a video of your pitching technique and we’ll give it a shot to see what you should work on!

Nature Made fish oil:

This site first and foremost is about health and getting active. Fish oil supplements are a frequently consumed complement to people that are older. The benefits are plentiful and I won’t have time to explain all of them here. But Nature Made has created a very affordable fish oil product that I have used for several months and I don’t plan on switching due to its affordability and effectiveness. I review the product based on my period of experience with it and what it offers when compared to other brands.

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