Active Roundup #1

Active Roundups, or blog roundups, are going to be posts that summarize everything (important) that Gary and I have written about since the last roundup. These posts are supposed to make it easy for our readers to consume our posts without having to actually go back and completely read each of them front and back. It is designed to be a mini-index of current posts, so you can quickly find which ones to read.

Best horseshoe sets:

Gary and I found a late-year hobby in playing horseshoes and we honestly could not be more satisfied, or even surprised. The hobby seemed kind of lame, if I am being honest, though Gary would never admit it. But our families are not really the type to back down from a challenge, so we gave it a shot. We have been loving it ever since and wrote a piece on which sets we recommend. Each set definitely has their own purpose and specific situation in which they work best in (yard horseshoes vs. playing horseshoes in a larger playing area such as a park field, for example).

How to keep active during the work day?:

We had our very first Weekend Questions bit come up a while ago and we were pretty stoked about that. In the first post, Gary answers a reader question on how to stay active when most of your day is spent sitting down. There are a ton of tips in there, so I recommend giving it a read if your job requires you to sit at a desk for hours on end, or if your current lifestyle simply consists of little physical activity — the article can be an easy introduction to an active lifestyle!

Buyer’s guide on croquet sets:

We have been into croquet for a while now also, and similar to horseshoes, we tried a few sets since we play in different situations often. One time it could be a simple indoor game in our lounge to pass the time with the kids, or we can have an actual day at the large park near us to set up the stakes in unique, fun ways. Definitely give this buying guide (written by yours truly) a shot if you are looking at playing croquet. We may have a guide on croquet playing tips soon, depending on if I have time on that.

Massage rollers/massage sticks — which ones?:

In this piece, I elaborate a bit on what specifically massage rollers, or massage sticks as they are sometimes called, are and the difference between them and the wildly popular foam rollers. There are benefits to each, and I certainly do not side with one or the other in this article. I also jot down my personal favorites in there for reference.

That’s the roundup for this time! There were a few more posts to link to, but I felt those weren’t as “must-read” as these are, mostly consisting of blog updates and whatnot. Those are certainly worth a read as well if you are interested in keeping up with us and what is to come with the blog, but they are optional. These posts are the ones we believe drives you guys to devote yourselves to an active and fun lifestyle with your families and friends, just as we are with ours. Be sure to keep up to date with more content to come!

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