Active Authorities is a website built by people passionate about outdoor activities. Our mission is to provide as much information as possible about fun and engaging hobbies or sports that take place outside, from games of horseshoe for the family or mountain biking. We sincerely believe that experiencing the outdoors is one of the many joys of life. Active Authorities helps you and your family experience these activities together, leading to an exciting, active lifestyle. is staffed with two authors and one part-time editor. We are very passionate about the outdoors, whether that be playing a nice game of frisbee with the family or going on a simple jog to promote a healthier life. There are only three of us with the site, but our love for active living burns bright. Meet our authors:

garybakerGary Baker:

Hi, I’m Gary. I helped create Active Authorities with my friend Rich. As a retiree, I have come to enjoy everything life has to offer. My hobbies are comprised of mainly outdoor activities. I clearly love to be outside, as living an active lifestyle has been a core value of mine ever since I was young. On this site, I hope to accomplish one thing: to help others carry out that same goal.

Richie Simmons:

 Hey readers, it’s Richie. I am the second author here at AA and good friend to creator Gary. A little about me:bjcn3jg2_400x400

– My first initial dream in life was to coach youth sports. At age 34 (now much older!), I was able to achieve that and start coaching the middle school near me.

– Gary and I have known each other for several years. I am proud to know this man and his wonderful family and I love spending time learning with them.

– My next mission is to simply continue being an active fellow. Everyday I strive to move rather than sit at a chair all day. My family, along with Gary’s, often find time over the weekends to live the outdoors and find recreational hobbies that involve maintaining a healthy physical life. We  hope that the content we publish on this site will help you also achieve that kind of lifestyle.